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New version released 1 6 37

New version released 1 6 37

  Sergi |  February 272024

Add new method DropDatabaseAsync

Some times possible you need to reset the database, not only because change the versoin, if not want to full delete the databse. So now you can do with the mehtod DropDatabaseAsync. This metthod delete the database about the context in use.

void Drop()
CommandResponse response = await DB.DropDatabaseAsync();

After delete you can force to initilized again using the method Init. Also is a task so you can wait or not to finish.

 void Init()
//if you delete a db and want to initialize again
await DB.Init();

Improvements in Javadcript logs info

We add some console info and console warn in the javascript file, acording to the developper can easy find what happen when have a error. Also include in the Responses the table (store) name in use.

Fixed issue when update

We found a issue some times when try to update a record. Now this issue it's fixed.

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